Employment Listings: Mig / Tig Welder

Mig / Tig Welder
Department: Production
City/State: Tyler
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Kay Gill
Contact Email: kay@regalmfg.com
Date Posted: May 24, 2022
Must have experience in welding mild steel and stainless steel. Skills test required. Blue print reading required.
Measure and fabricate metal parts, prepare metal surfaces and inspect weld quality during the process. Ensure parts are produced to print by welding/cutting/fabricating various materials. Operate/maintain electric hand/pneumatic power tools, i.e. grinders, sanders, needle guns, drills, saws, metal shears, etc. Must be able to perform visual weld inspections and work in a production environment with a wide range of part quantities. Must be able to set up the weld machine according to the type of material that is being welded. Must have excellent teamwork skills! Ability to operate in a fast-paced environment, with the ability to stand and walk for 10 hours a day. Ability to read and write, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Ability and a willingness to follow instructions and comply with all rules and policies.
High School Graduate / GED
We are a SHARPS and ISO certified work place! Paid holidays, annual vacation & workers comp insurance. Company sponsored Health Insurance with Dental, Vision, Life and supplemental insurances available. Safe Harbor 401K with a company match up to 4%. Over 30 years in business, we are a family owned and operated production company.